End of Section 3

Congratulations. You've now reached the end of section 3. In this section, you've learned about variables and mathematical expressions. You've also been introduced to the skill of deduction, which lets you deduce new true statements from other true statements. This is an important mathematical skill.

At this point, I recommend that you go back and read through this chapter a second time. You will probably find that, reading it through a second time, you will learn more from each part, and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts introduced in each part (see list below). As well, if you didn't answer all of the questions, or do all of the exercises the first time around, why not do them now?

Key concepts from section 3:

Can you define each of these key concepts, and find them in section 3?

problem solving strategies
mathematical relations between objects
general description, general definition
variable name, variable
mathematical statement
mathematical symbol
equal sign
mathematical equation
true statement
false statement
applied problem
value of a variable
deriving a statement
mathematical expression
mathematical actions
mathematical objects
evaluating a statement
mathematical model
creating a variable

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