Learning The Language of Math- find a translator!

Mathematicians have their own language, along with their own symbol system, that they use to talk about math. They have this language to make it easier for them to talk about mathematical things- things that most other languages don't need specific words or symbols for because people don't talk about these mathematical things all that much in day to day conversation.

This means that people learning math are learning a new language. Like many languages, some concepts that are easier to say in math are harder to say in another language, and some things that are easy to say in another language are harder to say in math. All the same, it is always possible to translate math into other languages, like English, Inuktitut or French, even if in some cases you may need a few more words to say the same thing.

This means that if you don't understand something when it is written in math- if you look at something and the symbols and words are meaningless to you- you just need to find a translator to translate from the math into the language you understand.

Where can you find math help?

For help with any aspect of this math prep course, please contact me: at jschelli@ccs.carleton.ca.

Your Economics facilitator, and the professor, Stephan Schott, will be able to assist you with your questions once the Economics course has started and you are using the math you've learned in this prep course in the Economics course.

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