Index of Pre-Economics Math Course Sections

To get started in the course, read Section 1, Part 1- The Course Overview. Then follow the sections and parts of sections in order. Have some paper and a pencil ready so that you can answer the questions and do the exercises as they come up in each section.

Section One- Introduction

1.1 Course Overview
1.2 Learning The Language of Math- find a translator!
1.3 Math Questions- What to do if you read a question and just don't get it.

Section Two- Geometry

2.1 Story of the Greeks and geometry
2.2 Modern Day- The imaginary mathematical world

Section Three- Algebra

3.1 Algebra- Practice develops the skills
3.2 Getting into Algebra- Relationships between Objects
3.3 General descriptions of relationships
3.4 Variables: A real world introduction
3.5 Variables in mathematics
3.6 Bringing relations and variables together: Mathematical Statements
3.7 Learning to understand mathematical statements
3.8 Algebra Continued- Moving from words to symbols
3.9 The story of the equal sign- what it means and how to use it
3.10 Applied Algebra- relating the real world to the mathematical world.
3.11 Determining Particular Values of a Variable
3.12 Algebra: re-arranging mathematical equations.
3.13 Algebra: Evaluating Statements
3.14 Replacing expressions with numbers and numbers with expressions.
3.15 Making larger expressions easier to deal with
3.16 Practical Example- The fundraiser
3.17 Evaluating expressions that have variables in them.
3.18 A Real World Example of Using Equation
3.19 Creating some variables
3.20 Coming up with true statements.
3.21 Putting Mathematical Statements Together
3.22 End of Section 3

Section 4- Graphing

4.1 Descartes and the Cartesian Plane
4.2 The Cartesian Plane Described
4.3 Connecting The Cartesian Plane with Algebra.
4.4 Matching up Two Variables
4.5 Usefulness of the Cartesian Plane
4.6 End of Section 4